Infinite journey is a sculpture devised by the artist Wilfredo Prieto, which is nurtured from some tendencies as Land Art and Conceptualism. It is a big scale piece consisting in the creation of a one-kilometer highway reproducing the infinitum mathematical symbol. It is planned to be made on a useless terrain presently occupied by harmful and invading plants. It will have four lanes and a bridge at the intersection to enable transit in both directions.

Production of this piece will be made with ecological cement LC3, a product that, thanks to Dr. José Fernando Martirenas and his team from the Center for the Research and Development of Structures and Materials (CIDEM), is registering a technological and environmental impact revolution to which art is adhering now. LC3 is a new formulation which substitutes more than 50% of clinker –the most expensive component of cement and a high pollutant— by a mix of calcined kaolin clays and limestone. This way Infinitum Journey can expand into an ambitious agro-ecological forestland project with a local impact in the surroundings of Zaza del Medio village and at the same time will enrich the socio-cultural activity of Sancti Spiritus province.